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Postdoc Cell Biology / Pharmacology

Job description The Groningen analysis Institute of Pharmacy (GRIP) of the college of arithmetic and Natural Sciences has one position for a postdoc in cell biology (or) pharmacology within the department pharmaceutical factor modulation. The project is funded by a ERC beginning investigator grant from the EU. The genetic and molecular understanding of diseases has inflated dramatically by unraveling the whole human order. subsequent challenge is to use this data for the event of recent strategies for pharmacotherapy. The department pharmaceutical factor modulation aims at applying factortic and molecular data to develop new medical specialty against cancer ... Read More »


What is Biochemistry Each part of every living being is biochemically connected. Biochemistry is at the heart of life science. It is a fascinating, diverse and sprawling discipline; which makes it near impossible to pigeon-hole or define concisely. Many look upon biochemistry as a science that underpins and explains the essential processes of life, impacting on: Biotechnology and bioinformatics, Cell biology ... Read More »

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