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Formulation and Evaluation of Ciprofloxacin Hydrochloride Floating Tablets

V. Bhargavi*, Hindustan Abdul Ahad Department of Pharmaceutics, Balaji College of Pharmacy, Ananthapuramu, Andhra Pradesh, India A B S T R A C T Floating drug delivery systems have shown to be of better significance in release rate for drugs having site specific absorption. The present study was an attempt to develop floating tablets of Ciprofloxacin Hcl which on oral ... Read More »

Floating Drug Delivery System, Formulation, Evaluation, Application and Recent Advances-A Review

Navneet Kumar Verma*, P.D. Panda, Wajahat Ullah Khan, Priyanka Agrahari, Somika Singh Asst. Professor, Kailash Institute of Pharmacy and Management, GIDA, Gorakhpur, U.P, India A B S T R A C T Floating drug delivery systems (FDDS) or hydrodynamically controlled systems are low-density systems that have sufficient buoyancy to float over the gastric contents and remain buoyant in the stomach ... Read More »

Formulation and In Vitro Evaluation of Oral Floating Tablets of Levofloxacin Hydrophilic Matrix

1Mohan kumar Atluri*1, K. Saravan kumar1, Jagadesh kumar Yadav kalluri1, P. Sravan kumar2, Yagagowri1, P. Sravanthi3 Department pharmaceutics, Sree Vidyanikethan College Pharmacy, A. Rangampet, Tirupati, A.P, India-517102. 2Department pharmaceutics, Krishna Teja College of Pharmacy, Tirupati, A.P, India-517102. 3Department pharmaceutics, JNTUA OTRI, Anantapure, A.P, India Received: 15 June2014, Accepted: 19 July 2014, Published Online: 10 August 2014 Abstract The present study was ... Read More »

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