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Isolation and Characterization of 4’, 5, 7,-trihydroxy isoflavone from Crinum defixum Ker-Gawler plant leaves and their Biological activities

A. Elaiyaraja*1, G.Chandramohan2 1Department of Chemistry, A.V.V.M. Sri Pushpam College, Poondi, Thanjavur-613 503, Tamilnadu, India. 2Department of Chemistry, Jairams Arts and Science College, Karur-3, Tamilnadu, India. A B S T R A C T The present study was carried out to isolation and characterization of Flavone compounds present in the Crinum defixum Ker-Gawler leaves, which is an important medicinal plant. ... Read More »

Synthesis of s-Triazine substituted analogues of 1,5-benzodiazepines of medicinal interest

Vandana Singh*, Aditi Anand and D. Kishore  Department of Chemistry, Banasthali University, Banasthali-304022 (Rajasthan), India Abstract Synthesis of a series of 1,5-benzodiazepines substituted on its 3 and 4 positions with 2’-(amino /ethylamino/ piperidino-(4,6-biscyclopropylamino)) -1,3,5-triazines 12,10,7 and 14 respectively, from 2-methyl-1,5-benzodiazepin-4-one (4) has been described. Keywords: 1,5-Benzodiazepine, 2,4,6-trichloro-1,3,5-triazine.   Read More »

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