Monday , 17 June 2024

Synthesis of 2-Amine 5-Phenyl Thiazole Derivatives and Their Anti Diabetic Activity

Saleha Tabassum1, Sana Fatima2, Saria Saher3, Sumaiyya Rizwan4, Ayesha Fatima5, Farha Naaz6*
Shadan Women’s College of Pharmacy, Khairathabad, Hyderabad

In the past few decades, intensive research experienced a significant development consequently leading to the availability of various anti diabetic drugs in the market. However, these drugs suffer from some limitations and their use is limited due to their less bioavailability, immunogenicity and low stability. These shortcomings necessitated the development of new antidiabetic drugs. In this context, we have designed and synthesized thiazole by novel techniques with good yields and created a data of advantages between the synthesis from regular techniques. The structures of all the compounds were unambiguously established on the basis of spectral data (NMR, Mass, IR spectra). In this context, we have screened the synthesized thiazole for antidiabetic activity and found that the molecules are comparatively active against several gram positive and gram negative bacteria which lead good source of developing thiazole as anti diabetic agents.
Keywords: Thiazole, Anti diabetic activity

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