Friday , 14 June 2024

Synthesis and In-silico Studies of Novel Methylene Bridge Derivatives of Anthracene

G.T. Roopesh*, N. Sreelekha, P. Susmitha, P. Pallavi, M. Maniteja, B. Swapna
Balaji college of pharmacy, Dept. of Pharmaceutical Chemistry Ananthapuramu, A.P, India.

The present work was aimed to Synthesise and carryout Insilico studies of Methylene Bridge Derivatives of anthracene. Anthracene is mainly converted to anthraquinone, a precursor to dyes. The anthracene chromophore plays a prominent role in the development of organic photochemistry. Anthracene derivatives have been extensively investigated in many fields, e.g., material chemistry, thermo chromic or photo chromic chemistry and organic light-emitting devices. Moreover, anthracenes have been used in optical, electronic and magnetic switches. In biological systems, anthracene skeletal compounds are also useful for probing DNA cleavage [5]. In medicinal field the anthracene derivatives act as good anti-cancerous drugs and they are carcinogenic to many living beings. Molecular descriptors, such as log P (partition coefficient), molecular weight (MW), the acceptors and donors for hydrogen bonding in a molecule and topological polar surface area (TPSA) were calculated using the online software ( These descriptors are strongly associated with membrane permeability and oral bioavailability.
Keywords: Synthesis, In-silico, Bioactivity, Methylene bridge derivatives.

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