Tuesday , 16 April 2024

Prevalance of HIV and Syphilis among Patients Attending ICTC Center in a Multispeciality Hospital in Heritage City

Sumana MN, Arnaw Kishore* 
Department of Microbiology, JSS Medical College and Hospital, JSS University, India

It is estimated that globally, 34.0 million [31.4 million–35.9 million] people were living with H.I.V at the end of 2011. According to W.H.O. estimates, 15% (50 million) of the 340 million new annual sexually transmitted infection (S.T.I.) cases are in India, and 44% (151 million) in South and South-East Asia. High burden of syphilis is found among population of developing countries. HIV and Treponema pallidum, the causative agent of syphilis both of them are sexually transmitted. Concurrent infection with Treponema pallidum and HIV presents a serious health problem. HIV alters the natural history of syphilis and response to therapy. Incidence of neuro syphilis is increased among the HIV infected persons, even when treated in recommended complete dosage. Most of the study has been done are on blood donors, while a very few literature state prevalence of syphilis exclusively among HIV sero positive individuals. The overall prevalence rate of syphilis in Karnatakka is 0.11%, in the present study the prevalence of syphilis was 7.0% similar to data presented by Saurabh et al among HIV sero positive populations,  while the total prevalence among patients attending the I.C.T.C. centre was 0.29% which matches with the data presented by Nirali shah et al where the prevalence was found to be 0.23%. The purpose of the study is to find out the co infection and prevalence of syphilis in a HIV positive male and females attending Integrated Counselling and Testing Centre (I.C.T.C.), in a multispecialty centre in south India.
Keywords: HIV, Syphilis, Prevalence, Co infection, I.C.T.C

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