Sunday , 19 May 2024

Preparation and Characterization of Meloxicam Solid Lipid Nanoparticles

Kommu Pradeep*, Athuluri Venu1
*Scholar, Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Acharya Nagarjuna University, Guntur
1DCRM Pharmacy College, Inkollu

The main objective of transdermal drug delivery system is to deliver drugs into systemic circulation into the skin through skin at predetermined rate with minimal inter and intra patient variation.  Currently transdermal delivery is one of the most promising methods for drug application.  It reduces the load that the oral route commonly places on the digestive tract and liver. It enhances patient compliances and minimizes harmful side effects of a drug caused from temporary over dose and is convenience in transdermal delivered drugs that require only once weakly application. In the present study Meloxicam solid lipid nanoparticles were prepared and evaluated. Stable nanoparticles of SLNs were prepared using high-shear homogenization followed by ultrasonication technique. 32 factorial designs were used in the process of optimization. This method was easy to apply, simple, cheap and promising for preparing nanoparticles. To study the interaction between drug and excipients DSC and FT- IR studies were performed and it was found that there was absence of interaction between drug and excipients. The drug release studies that were performed for 24hrs conferred that the drug release was by diffusion through the prepared SLNs. It can be concluded that from the obtained results Keterolac SLNs can be employed for controlled delivery of drug in the treatment as NSAIDs.
Keywords: Meloxicam, Compritol 888 ATO, Precerol ATO 5 and Pluronic F127

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