Thursday , 20 June 2024

Phyto -Pharmacological Profile of Clerodendrum Serratum – A Review

A. Chandrakala*, P. Niranjan Rao
S.V.U. College of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Sri Venkateswara University, Tirupati – 517502. A.P, India.

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Clerodendrum Serratum Linn. (Family: Verbenaceae) is wild plant found in tropical and subtropical regions in the world. It is also known as Bharangi in some regions of India. In Ayurveda system it is used to cure various disorders like Rasa, Guna, Virya, Vipaka, shwasa (breathlessness), kasa (cough), vrana (wound), shotha (swelling) and various vataja disorders (neurological disorders). Different parts of Clerodendrum Serratum such as leaves, roots, stem contain various phyto-constituents, medicinal uses of plant and possess different pharmacological activities such as anti-diabetic, allergic asthma, wound healing, hepatoprotective activity, anti-inflammatory anti-cancer, anti-oxidant, anti-bacterial activity etc. The plant use as a vegetable in most of regions of India because of wide range of pharmacological activities. This review is deals with identification, medicinal values, phytochemical and pharmacological action of different part of Clerodendrum Serratum.
Keywords: Clerodendrum Serratum, Bharangi, Medicinal uses, Pharmacological, Phytochemical

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