Friday , 23 February 2024

Optimization Techniques: A future of Pharmaceutical Product Development

Suhas.S Siddheshwar*,  Prajakta.S. Varpe, Ganesh.A. Waghmare, Prashant.B.
Wadghule, Dattaprasad.N. Vikhe 
Pravara Rural College of Pharmacy, A/P-Loni, Tal-Raiatea, Dist.Ahmednagar, India-413736

Optimization of product or process is determination of experimental conditions resulting in its optimal performance. Optimization has been defined  as  the  implementation  of  systemic  approaches  to  achieve  the best  combination  of  product  and process  characteristics  under  a given set of conditions. In  today’s  pharmaceuticals  optimization  is  emerged  as a technique  for  the  best  compromising  answer  to  a  particular question. The  term  optimization  means  to  optimize something,  or  use  something  at  its  best. Optimization is finding a perfect, effective or functional answer. There is no single solution to design optimization tasks. Many techniques are available for this.
Key words: Optimization, problems, variables, experimental designs

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