Tuesday , 5 March 2024

Novel and Advanced methods employed for better productivity and commercial applications of Flax seeds: A review

Dr. T. Vinay Kumar*, D. Yashwanth Kumar
Jyothi Educational Society, Hyderabad, Telangana State, India

 A B S T R A C T
Flax (or linseed) is one of the predominant industrial oils seed crops grown in temperate climates. The seed oil of this oilseed crop is enriched in α-linolenic acid. Because of this, flax oil readily polymerizes on exposure to oxygen, making it useful for a variety of industrial products, including varnish and linoleum, while meal from pressed seed is useful as animal feed. Industrial demand declined after the 1960s due to a shift to acrylic paints and vinyl floor coverings, but now there is a renewed interest in using biomass derived feed stocks. In addition to industrial applications, ω-3-enriched flaxseed oil is gaining importance in livestock feed and aqua-feed applications. The oil is also recognized as a good source of ALA for the human diet. Additional flax constituents, including fiber and lignans, may provide human health benefits. “Solin”-type flax, which is enriched in linoleic acid and low in ALA content (<5%), has greater oxidative stability than regular flax.
Keywords: Economic Botany, Flax, Linseed, Uses.

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