Wednesday , 22 May 2024

Human gut Micro biota of Obese and lean individual

1Acharya Shree Balkrishnaji Maharaj, Dr. Aravinth kumar Bharatwaj*1,
Dr. Neeraj Tandan2,D. Yashwanth kumar3 
1Patanjali Group of Industries, Haridwar, India
2,3SARC (Scientific & Applied Research Center) U.P & Hyderabad

Recent studies of 16s rRNA genes in the mammalian gut microbiota distinguished a higher Firmicutes/Bacteriodetes ratio in obese individuals compared to lean individuals. This ratio was estimated using a Clonal Sanger Sequencing approach which is time-consuming and requires laborious data analysis. In contrast new high throughput Pyrosequencing Technology offer an inexpensive alternative to Clonal Sanger Sequencing and would significantly advance our understanding of obesity by the development of clinical diagnostic method. Here we present a cost effective method that combines 16s RNA Pyrosequencing and DNA barcodes of the Firmicutes/Bacteroidetes ratio in the gut microbiota of obese human. Excessive free radicals initial mitochondria dysfunction due to dysfunction mitochondria sugar and fat molecules remain unabsorbed and metabolized by dysfunction mitochondria. According to invention, the mitochondria double membrane and donate the electron to unstable molecules and balance them and also stimulate the other antioxidants enzyme production. By this activity the mitochondria is regenerated again, fat and sugar then absorbed by the mitochondria for energy production and then supplying energy to the cell.
Keywords: Human gut, Micro biota, obese, lean, Firmicutes

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