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Herbs for Diabetes mellitus

Jaya Preethi

About author :
P. Jaya Preethi*
Department of Pharmacy, Nandha College of Pharmacy and Research Institute,
Koorapalayam Piruvu, Erode, TamilNadu, India.
*E-mail: [email protected]

Diabetes is a variable disorder of carbohydrate metabolism caused by a combination of hereditary and environmental factors and usually characterized by inadequate secretion or utilization of insulin, by excessive urine production, by excessive thirst. All over the globe, herbs represent a comeback and herbal ‘renaissance’. The herbal products today design safety in contrast to the synthetics that are regarded as unsafe to human and environment.
Key words: Herbs, Diabetes mellitusGymnema sylvestre, Beta vulgaris, Carica papaya
Glucose from the digested food circulates in the blood as a ready energy source for any cells that need it. Insulin is a hormone or chemical produced by cells in the pancreas. Insulin bonds to a receptor site on the outside of cell and acts like a key to open a doorway into the cell through which glucose can enter. When there is no enough insulin produced or when the door way no longer recognises the insulin key, glucose stays in the blood rather entering the cells. The body attempt to dilute high level of glucose in the blood, a condition called hyperglycelia; by drawing water out of the cells and into the blood stream in an effort to dilute the sugar and excrete it in the urine. At the same time the body is trying to get rid of glucose from the blood, the cells are starving from glucose and sending signals to the body to eat more; thus making extremely hungry.
Anti-diabetic herbs:
Abelmoschus moschatus
Beta vulgaris
Carica papaya
Daucus carota
Eucalyptus globules
Feronia elephantum
Gymnema sylvestre
Hordeum vulgare
Inula racemoma
Juniperus communis
Lepidium sativum
Mangifera indica
Nigella sativa
Many synthetic drugs are used to treat Diabetes, but they are not completely safe for long term use. Nature has bestowed our country with an enormous wealth of medicinal plants used for treatment of Diabetes.

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