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Formulation Development and in-vitro Evaluation of Extended-release Tablets of Anti-Epileptic drug Alfuzosin

K.R.S.C. Bharath Kumar*1, Poluri Suresh2
1Dr. K.V. Subba Reddy Institute of Pharmacy, Kurnool, A.P, India

2St John’s College of Pharmacy, Yemmiganur, Kurnool, A.P, India

A  B  S  T  R A C T
The aim of the present study is to formulate and evaluation of the extended release tablets of anti-epileptic drug Alfuzosin. using various polymers such as gum karaya, xanthum gum, talc, gurgum and magnesium stearate. Alfuzosin is a quinazoline-derivative alpha-adrenergic blocking agent used to treat hypertension and benign prostatic hyperplasia. Twelve   formulations of extended release tablets were prepared by using direct compression method with various polymers for different ratios. The evaluation results revealed that all formulations comply with the specification of official pharmacopoeias and/or standard reference with respect to general appearance, content uniformity, hardness, friability and In vitro drug release.  Among all the formulations F3 formulation showed maximum % drug release i.e., 97.3 % in 8 hours  hence it is considered as optimized formulation. Whereas the formulations containing Xanthan  gum showed more retarding with increasing concentration of polymer. The formulations with Guar gum were unable to produce the desired rug release pattern.
Keywords: Alfuzosin, Extended release tablets, Direct compression method, Formulation, Polymers

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