Saturday , 2 March 2024

Formulation and Characterization of Novel Self Micro emulsifying Drug Delivery System of Glimepiride

Hyma.P*1, Abbulu.K2
1Varun Herbals (DSIR-SIRO) R&D labs, Hyderabad, AP.
2Professor & Principal, Nova college of pharmaceutical education and research, Hyderabad.

The purpose of preparing Self microemulsifying drug delivery system in this work is to enhance the solubility and oral bioavailability of poorly water soluble drug, Glimepiride. SMEDDS are the isotropic mixture of surfactant, co-surfactant and oil incorporated with drug. In the aqueous media, gastro intestinal motility emulsification takes place. Glimepiride was undergone solubility studies in various surfactants, co-surfactants and oils. Pseudo ternary titrations were done using surfactants/co-surfactants and oil in different ratios against water. By these titrations pseudo ternary phase diagrams are constructed through which self emulsifying region are identified Cremophor EL and Transcutol as surfactant and co-surfactant with sunflower oil are identified as optimized SMEDDS formulation for Glimepiride. FTIR analysis was done for investigating the drug excipient compatibility. Poorly water soluble new drug candidates are approximately 40%, whose oral delivery is frequently associated with implications of low bioavailability, high intra and inter subject variability and lack of dose proportionality. These drugs come under hydrophobic nature which is often dissolved in SMEDDS.
Keywords: SMEDDS, Glimepiride, Cremophor EL, Transcutol, Phase diagrams.

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