Saturday , 20 April 2024

Ethno-medicinal Uses of Some Shell Fishes by People of Krishn River Basin of South-Telangana, India

Swapna Padidela, T. Ravinder Reddy*
Laboratory of Eco-physiology and toxicology, Department of Zoology, Kakatiya University, Warangal, Telangana, India

The present investigation was carried out to study the uses of shell fishes by People of Krishna River Basin of South-Telangana, India. It was found that after removal of shell and mantle of Pila, Bellamya, Lamellidens and Parreysia, the flesh of these molluscs in various forms consumed for the cure of some aliments of local people and also provide essential animal proteins, steroids, vitamins and minerals to the people of the region. The flesh of Pila and Viviparous sp. is used as medicine to cure asthma, swelling of joints, burns by aboriginal people of this region. The foot portion of these edible shell fishes is eaten in the form of curry as well as in roasted form at regular intervals. The soup of eggs of these species are also used as medicine and given to children suffering from rickets. The flesh of Lamellidens, is eaten in the form of cooked curry and given to people suffering from cardiac diseases and blood pressure. It was also observed that the local people of the region consumed these shell fishes to cure a number of other ailments such as rheumatism, calcium metabolism, heart diseases, conjunctivitis, giddiness, nervousness, dehydration and various gastro intestinal disorders.
Keywords: Krishna basin, shell fishes, South-Telangana, Diseases

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