Monday , 22 April 2024

Development and Validation for the Extractive Colorimetric Methods for the Determination of Sumatriptan Succinate in Bulk and its Tablet Dosage Form

T. Nuzhath*, S. Muneer, B. Mohammed Ishaq, Dr. Hindustan Abdul Ahad, B. Famida, S. Parveen
Department of Pharmaceutical Analysis, Balaji College of Pharmacy, Rudrampeta Bypass, Anantapur– 515001, AP, India

Two simple, rapid, accurate, precise and economic spectrophotometric methods have been developed for the estimation of Sumatriptan Succinate in pharmaceutical formulation. These methods are based on the formation of chloroform soluble ion-association complexes of Sumatriptan Succinate with bromocresol green in a phosphate buffer of pH 3.6 (Method I) and with bromothymol blue in a phosphate buffer of pH 3.6 (Method II). This property of the drug was followed for the development of colorimetric methods for analysis of drug. The complex of with bromocresol green and bromothymol blue showed λmax at 418 nm and 413 nm, respectively. The absorbance was found to increase linearly with increasing concentration of Sumatriptan Succinate with correlation coefficient values (0.999), for both method I and II. The systems obeyed the beer law in the range of 10-200 μg/ml for bromocresol green and bromothymol blue, respectively. Recovery studies showed satisfactory results indicating that none of common additives and excipients interferes with the assay method. Various analytical parameters were evaluated and found satisfactory. The proposed methods are found to be simple, sensitive, accurate, precise and economic, can be successfully applied for the analysis of Sumatriptan Succinatein pharmaceutical dosage form.
Keywords: Sumatriptan Succinate (SUM), Bromocresol green (BCG), Bromothymol Blue (BTB), Colorimetric analysis, Extractive spectrophotometry, Distilled water. 

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