Monday , 24 June 2024

Design, Development & Evaluation of Domperidone Dispersible Tablet

Shilpi Singh*
Department of Pharmaceutics, Llyod Institute of Pharmacy, Greater Noida, India

“The present study was aimed to prepare dispersible tablet of domperidone by using dried mucilage (DM, i.e. Mucilage isolated from seed of Ocimum basilicum) as novel disintegrant & to confirm the mechanism of disintegration of DM, ie. Mucilage isolated from seed of Ocimum basilicum”. There are several technologies that produce commercially available DTs. ZydisR (Cardinal Health, Dublin, Ohio), OraSolvR /Dura Solv R (Cima Labs, Eden Prairie, Minnesota) and WOWTABR (Yamanouchi Pharma Technologies, Norman, Oklahoma) are widely known technologies. Although these technologies meet the special requirements for DTs to some extent, none has all the desired properties. The technologies are usually grouped according to the method used in making DTs, such as freeze drying, molding, and compression. Compression is the most widely used method for making DTs. Some methods are focused on unique granulation methods, such as spray-drying and flash-heating, to make shear form formulations; some are focused on selecting specific excipients such as water-insoluble calcium salt, specific disintegrant combination, and specific sugar combination; and some are focused on special treatment after compression, such as sublimation, sintering, and humidity treatments. In-vitro release study showed 75-80 % drug release from formulations of factorial batches within five to ten min. Formulation F3 disintegrated rapidly as compared to other factorial batches and hence taken further for stability studies and was found stable at the end of stability testing conducted as per the ICH guidelines. The dissolution profile of optimized batch F3 was compared with the dissolution profile of marketed formulation. There was no significant difference in the profile when compared statistically by applying t test at p<.  
Keywords: Domperidone, Dispersible tablet, Antiemetic, Dysphagia

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