Friday , 24 May 2024

Design and Evaluation of Labetalol Bilayered Tablets

M. Ravi*, Dr. S.K. Umadevi, Dr.B. Venkateswara Reddy, K. Navaneetha
Department of Pharmaceutics, St.Pauls College of Pharmacy, Turkayamjal (V), Hayathnagar (M), R.R.Dist-501510

Bilayered Tablets are used to produce repeat action or prolonged action by separating physically or chemically incompatible ingredients. The present study was carried out to exploit the feasibility of using controlled delivery bilayered tablets of labetalol as an alternative carrier for targeting adrenergic receptors. This tablet contains two layers, first immediate release layer using Ludiflash as Super disintegrant and second layer using polymers Sodium alginate, Carbopol, Ethyl Cellulose by varying concentrations for Controlled release for 10 hours. The drug products may be developed to reduce hypertension by blocking alpha adrenergic selectively and beta adrenergic non selectively. A total number of nine formulations have been taken to optimize and develop a robust and stable formulation and were evaluated. The kinetics of release was determined and fitted to an empirical equation. Among the formulations, tablets of formulation -4 was taken as  optimized formula due to its higher rate of dissolution and complied all the other formulations and found to be first order in kinetics. Formulated Bilayered tablets of Labetalol were found to be potential drug delivery system for sustaining the release of the drug.
Keywords: Bilayered Tablets, Labetalol, Ludiflash, Sodium alginate, Carbopol, Ethyl cellulose

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