Saturday , 20 April 2024

Crealyte Powder: Supports energy production to maintain and promote lean body mass, muscle endurance and power output

Govind Shukla*, Nagalakshmi Yaparthy, Neha Giri, D. Sruthi Rao, G. Santosh, C.J. Sampath Kumar
Lactonova Nutripharm (P) Ltd, 81/3, IDA Mallapur, Hyderabad, Telangana, India-500 076.

Creatine (Cr) is an amino acid derivative naturally found in human skeletal muscle, heart, brain, testes, retina and other organs. Over 90-95% of creatine in the body is in skeletal muscles, of which one third exists as free creatine, and two thirds as phosphocreatine (PCr). Creatine has a vital role in the provision and transfer of energy required for muscle contraction. Creatine acts as a performance enhancer offering athletes more power and strength for high intensity workouts. Depletion of creatine within the muscle can lead to reduced muscle power and build-up of lactic acid, resulting in rapid onset of fatigue this article reviews the current available scientific literature regarding the effect of Crealyte Powder to Supports energy production and to maintain and promote lean body mass, muscle endurance, and power output.
Keywords: phosphocreatine, body mass, Crealyte Powder, Creatine

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