Saturday , 2 March 2024

Cosmetics Emulsion from African Nutmeg Oil (Monodora Myristica): Formulation, Chemical Evaluation and Microbiological Analysis

Ezeuko Adaora Stella1*, Bamgboye Omolara Agbeke2, Ademosun Olabisi Theresa3Okedere Adebola Priscillia4
Department of Industrial Chemistry, College of Science and Technology, Covenant University, PMB 1023, Km 10, Idiroko Road, Ota, Nigeria.

Globally, adulterated skin care products have been on distribution in the cosmetic market which causes alot of skin infections which has become a major concern in the global world. The addition of African nutmeg oil extract as a suitable method of eradicating the threat of skin diseases was employed in this work. The formulation containing 5% of African nutmeg oil was developed by entrapping it in oily phase of oil in water (o/w) emulsion. The African nutmeg oil was added in increasing order of 0, 10, 20 and 30 w/w % and formulation with paraffin oil was investigated. Rosemary oil was incorporated to improve the fragrance. Both base and formulations were stored at room temperature for 28 days for investigation. The more effective formulation were evaluated for physical analysis, specific gravity, Electrical conductivity, Emulsion stability test, centrifugation test, pH determination, microbial analyses were evaluated using acceptable standard methods. The optimized formulation of emulsion with African nutmeg oil showed good resistance to phase separation on centrifugation under storage condition.  The finding indicates that there was no significant growth of harmful microorganism at dilution 10-4 and 10-6 using pour plate method after 48hrs of incubation at 370C. Culture yielded no fungal growth, pseudomonas aeruginosa.  The species of staphylococcus present were found to be normal flora of skin.The finding indicates that the African nutmeg oil of oil in water (o/w) emulsion is stable and proved to be suitable and exhibit the attribute that might open a new opportunity for the preparation of more efficient skincare, pharmaceutical and cosmetics products.

Keyword: African nutmeg oil, paraffin oil, tween 20 and 80, stability, pH determination, organoleptic test.

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