Thursday , 29 February 2024

Co-ordination Polymers of Schiff Bases and Their Applications: A Review

J. B. Devhade* 
P. G. Department of Chemistry, Jijamata Mahavidyalaya Buldana, Maharashtra– 443001, India

The condensation of primary amines with carbonyl compounds was first reported by Schiff and condensation products often referred as Schiff bases. These bases have general structure RC=NR where R and R are alkyl, cyclohexyl, aryl or heterocyclic radicals which may be differently substituted.  Schiff bases are also known as anils, imines or azomethines.  Various studies have shown that >C=N- group has considerable biological importance. The presence of lone pair of electrons in a sp2 hybridized orbital of nitrogen atom of the azomethine group is of considerable chemical and biological importance.
Keywords: Schiff bases, Poly-Schiff bases, Co-ordination Polymers, Applications

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