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Cellular mechanisms involved in Helicobacter pylori induced infection and its eradication strategies by potential root extracts of Plumbago zeylanica L

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G. Renuga*1 and A. Kennath2
1Department of Biotechnology, Ultra College of Pharmacy, Madurai, Tamil Nadu, India.
2Department of Oral Pathology, Ultra Best Dental science college, Madurai, TN,   India.

The research was designed to investigate H. pylori infection induced in mouse can be used as a model to design a drug for the treatment of peptic ulcer. A novel compound purified from root of Plumbago zeylanica L showed Plumbagin has the potential action of plasma membrane repair it can be considered as drug for experimental groups. The mouse were divided into four groups comprising of five animals in each group and designated as follows: Control, H. pylori infected animals, H. pylori infected animals treated with plumbagin and omeprazole. At the end of the experimental period, analysis carried out with gastric tissues and the repair responses to this injury were assessed. (FDx- green stain showed presence of membrane injury in infected but not treated animals, FDx , Red  showed  in the H. pylori infected plus treated with plumbagin  and  mixed spots of red & green in the case of standard drug  treated mice, control has showed no H. pylori in the mucus. Plumbagin entry has been shown to activate a classic membrane repair response. From a biological point of view, the relationship in the   outcome of eradication therapy has been analyzed by western blot results could be confirmed the mucosal expression of Interleukin-8 (IL-8) upregulated in the Plumbagin treated gastric cell than the H. pylori infected cells which attributed to the eradication in severity of gastritis due to the cytotoxin gene.  Plumbagin might be diffused through the gastric mucosa triggered members cell surface expression cytokine thereby repair epithelial cell damage.
Keywords:   Helicobacter pylori, Plumbagin, Western blot, Interleukin-8, Membrane repair.

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