Thursday , 13 June 2024

Bioavailiability Enhancement of BCS Class 4 Drugs: Key for Successful Formulations

Suhas.S Siddheshwar,  Ganesh.A.Waghmare, Prashant .B.Wadghule, Dattaprasad.N.Vikhe, Prajakta.S.Varpe
Pravara Rural College of Pharmacy, A/P-Loni, Tal-Rahata, Dist. Ahmednagar, India-413736

Traditionally nearly 40% of the new chemical entities identified by pharmaceutical industry screening programmes have failed to be developed because of low solubility and low permeability which make formulation difficult or even impossible. The solubility issues complicating the delivery of many existing drugs. The various tradition and novel technique that can be used for bioavability enhancement of BCS class 4 drugs are discussed in this article. The traditional techniques discussed in this article includes use of co-solvents, hydrotopymicronization, amorphous forms, chemical modification of drug, use of surfactant, complexation .nano-nization.use of prodrug, alternation of pH, use of ppt.inhibitor solvent deposition. In case of novel drug delivery technologies depends upon the development in recent year for bio-avability enhancement of poor soluble-poor permeable are size reduction. lipid based deliven- system, micellar techniques, micro-particle techniques.
Keywords: Bio-avalibility, Nano-nization, Permeability, dissolution, therapeutic efficacy.

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