Saturday , 20 April 2024

Antibacterial Activity of Various Extract of Mucuna Pruriens Linn. Seeds

Sushma Jhariya*, Arun kakkar and Manoj Kumar Pathak
Natural product Laboratory, Department of Chemistry, Govt. Model Science College, South Civil Lines, Jabalpur,  M.P, India–482001.

Antibacterial activity of different extract of seeds of Mucuna pruriens was examined. The antibacterial activity of different extract of each of 50 mg/ml concentrations was determined by disc diffusion method with various gram positive and gram negative bacteria. The antibacterial activity was found significantly higher in ethyl acetate extract against all the selected pathogenic bacteria. The petroleum ether and aqueous extract was found inactive. The finding of results suggested that the strongest antibacterial effect was observed in the ethyl acetate extract against S. Typhi and S.  Aureus (36 mm ), Pseudomonas (29 mm), B. Subtilis (28 mm)  followed by E. coli (26 mm inhibition zone), as compare to positive control range from 15 mm to 26 mm  against all bacterial species  therefore this study indicates that ethyl acetate extract  possesses potential antibacterial activity.
Keywords: Mucuna  pruriens, Antimicrobial activity, disc diffusion method, pathogenic bacteria.

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