Thursday , 22 February 2024

Analytical Method Development and Validation of Apixaban and Dehydro Impurity by Using RP-HPLC

1Suryanarayana Gottapu*, Dr. Satyaveer Singh2
1Research Scholar, School of Pharmacy, OPJS University, Churu, Rajasthan
2Research Supervisor, School of Pharmacy, OPJS University, Churu, Rajasthan

A simple and precise RP-HPLC method was developed for the determination of Apixaban impurities like Acid impurity and Amino acid impurity. The chromatographic separation was achieved on a Zorbax Bonus RP (250 X 4.6mm) column with a mobile phase contain the gradient mixture of the solvents (Acetonitrile: water) in the ratio of 90:10(v/v). The eluted compounds were monitored at 270nm and the run time was 35mints. The method is repeatable and can be used for routine analysis of Apixaban in bulk and in pharmaceutical formulation. Hence it is more effective, sensitive and the impurities profile can be analyzed easily through this method. The development and validated RP-HPLC method is applied for identification of eluted the impurities.
Keywords: RP-HPLC, Method Validation, apixaban, dehydro impurity.

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