Sunday , 3 March 2024

A Spreadsheet Program for One Compartment IV Bolus Administration

Reshma Fathima.K*, Salini.C, Y. Haribabu
Department of Pharmaceutics, Grace College of Pharmacy, Palakkad

Pharmacokinetics softwares plays a crucial role in the pharmaceutical field. Improvements in the quantitative analysis of drugs in biological tissues, such as plasma, and the increasing sophistication of computers and softwares along with access to the internet have greatly accelerated the development of pharmacokinetics. Pharmacokinetic softwares now allow for the rapid solution of complicated pharmacokinetic equations and rapid modelling of pharmacokinetic process. Apart from, using pharmacokinetic softwares are the tedious process for freshers in pharmaceutical companies. Proper tuitorials would be needed for this. This is one of the problem faced by the pharmaceutical firms. The use of simple spreadsheets, provide the solution for this. In this work, the simple spreadsheet was used to create a one compartment IV bolus administration using standard spreadsheet commands the technique is shown to be applicable to the full range of advanced pharmacokinetic simulations. The technique is very simple to use and is always in the complete control of the modeller.

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