Saturday , 13 July 2024

A Computational Network Model of Protein Kinases for Cell Survival/Death and its congruent tanner circuit

Rose Mary Simon, Md. Afroz Alam* 
Department of bioinformatics, Karunya University, Karunya Nagar, Coimbatore-641114, Tamil Nadu, India

Computational modeling is useful as a means to assemble and test what we know about proteins and networks. The network model of EGFR pathway for cell survival/death has been implemented using SPICE simulator and Matlab. The sub pathways in EGFR pathways have been simulated using Tanner EDA. The proteins in the pathway are combined and the further simulation is done using the Neural Network Toolbox in Matlab. The ability of quinazoline to compete with the ATP to bind to the EGFR protein has been extensively studied and found out that mutated EGFR proteins have higher affinity for quinazoline which is having specific anti-tumor activity.
Keywords: Matlab, quinazoline, EGFR pathway

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