Saturday , 20 April 2024

Traditional Herbal Medicines and Their Therapeutic Effect on Rabies Disease

Sonia Gupta1, Bindu Sai Wadaga2, Renu R Sharma2, Arshiya Z Shaikh2, Tanishq S Gautam2, Amit Gupta2*
1Researcher, Bachelor of Ayurvedic Medicine and Surgery (BAMS)
2School of Sciences (Biotechnology/Microbiology/Environmental Science), P.P. Savani University, Kosamba, Surat.

Introduction: One of the ancient medical practice in the form of traditional medicine (based on beliefs and experience) which exists already with in the communities before the advent of modern health services.Several countries including India have realized the importance of these medicinal plant products in order to develop improved traditional medicines from native and endemic plants that are traditionally used at various places for various ailments. Methods: Rabies is a fetal zoonosis disease which causes encephalitis in all warm blooded animals and humans. In this study, we collect information about natural products including medicinal plants in order to reduce the burden of rabies disease.Results: In view of this, some of these medicinal plants against rabies were evaluated and showed inhibition with modern pharmaceutical practices by various researches within or outside the country. Conclusion: In short, these medicinal plant products played a crucial role in eliminating harmful as well as dreadful pathogens.
Keywords: Traditional, medicine, rabies disease, pathogens.

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