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Identification of Candidate Inhibitory Ligands from Allium cepa and Molecular Docking Against Trypanosma brucei Phosphoglycerate Kinase; The In-Silico Structure-Activity Relationship

S. Cosmas, O.A Durojaye*, R. O Asomadu, I. N Amorha, O. I Diyoke, G. A Osegbo Department of Biochemistry, University of Nigeria, Nsukka A B S T R A C T Trypanosoma brucei is a unicellular parasite causing African sleeping sickness in cattle and humans. Infection occurs when a vector tsetse fly bites a mammalian host. The fly injects the ... Read More »

In-Silico Structure-Activity Relationship and Molecular Docking Study of Levofloxacin and its Mono substitted Analogues against the Escherichia coli DNA Gyrase

O.A Durojaye*, U. I Njoku, S. Cosmas, E. N Akpan, M. M Ganyam University of Nigeria, Nsukka.  A B S T R A C T Background: Escherichia coli is one of the most frequent causes of many common bacterial infections, including cholecystitis, bacteremia, cholangitis, urinary tract infection (UTI), traveler’s diarrhea, and other clinical infections such as neonatal meningitis and pneumonia. ... Read More »

Evaluation of Antioxidant activity of Andira inermis (W. Wright) H.B.K. Leaves extracts by DPPH free radical method and In-silico Characterization of its isoflavones as potential pharmacophores

Suhail Mohammed Hussain* Department of Microbiology & Biotechnology, Bangalore University, Jnana Bharathi Campus, Bangalore – 560 056, Karnataka, India. A B S T R A C T Homoeopathic floras have been a valuable and immense source of therapeutic drugs for eras and still numerous of currently used drugs are plant-derived natural products or their derivatives. A well accepted scientific consensus ... Read More »

Pharmacodynamic and Pharmacokinetic Drug Interaction of Risperidone with Pioglitazone

Bhupalam Pradeep kumar*1, Y. Padmanabha Reddy2, N. Devanna3 1Department of Pharmacology, Center for Pharmaceutical Research, Raghavendra Institute of Pharmaceutical Education and Research, Anantapuramu-515721, Andhra Pardesh, India. 2Principal, Raghavendra Institute of Pharmaceutical Education and Research, Anantapuramu-515721, A.P, India. 3Principal, JNTUA College of Engineering, Kalikiri-515234, Andhra Pardesh, India. A B S T R A C T The present study was performed to ... Read More »

Pharmacokinetic Evaluation of Eudragit® Microspheres of Cefdinir

Mallikarjun Vasam*1,Dr. S.N. Sri Harsha2, K.S.S.N. Neelima2, D. Yashwanth Kumar2 1Pacific University, Udaipur, Rajasthan, India 2SARC (Scientific and Applied Research Center), Hyderabad, India A B S T R A C T The aim of this study was to formulate and evaluate microencapsulated controlled release preparations of a highly water-soluble drug, cefdinir, using Copolymers synthesized from acrylic and methacrylic acid esters ... Read More »

Development and Validation of UFLC Method for the Determination of Docetaxel in Rat Plasma and Its Application in Pharmacokinetic Interaction with Diclofenac Sodium

Srikanth ReddyThummalapelly1, Mounika Arrabelli2, Raghuram Reddy Adidala*1 1Sri Shivani College of Pharmacy, Mulugu road, Warangal, A.P, India. 2Synapse Life Sciences, Nakkalagutta, Hanamkonda, Warangal, A.P, India. Abstract In cancer, the taxane of choice has historically been paclitaxel however, there is no substantial evidence that docetaxel  may be the preferred taxane in this disease. Docetaxel has many preclinical advantages over paclitaxel and ... Read More »

Synthesis, characterization and in vitro biological evaluation of some new 3-substituted 3-(4-aryloxyaryl)-propanoic acids as GPR40 agonists

ABOUT AUTHOR Chandra Sekhar Gudla*1, Madhavan .G.R1, Nagarajan Arumugam2 1Connexios Life Sciences Private Limited, 108/27, 29th main, 23rd cross, BTM Layout – II stage, Bangalore –560076, India 2Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry, PSG College of Pharmacy, Peelamedu, Coimbatore-641004, Tamilnadu, India Abstract In this letter, the series of 3-(4-aryloxyaryl) propanoic acid compounds design, synthesis, structure–activity relationship (SAR) and the ability to modulate the activity ... Read More »

Preparation and In vitro Permeation Studies of Diclofenac potassium Ficus benghalensis Fruit Mucilage Transdermal Patches

About author : Anuradha CM1*, Hindustan Abdul Ahad2, Sreekanth K1, Abhilash A2, Prabhuraj KJ2, Swapna K2 1Department of Biotechnology, Sri Krishnadevaraya University, Anantapur, Andhra Pradesh, India 2Department of Pharmaceutics, Balaji College of Pharmacy, Anantapur, Andhra Pradesh, India *e-mail: [email protected] ABSTRACT The main purpose of the present study was to develop transdermal patches (matrix type) of Diclofenac potassium using various ratios of ... Read More »


About author : Bhavani Boddeda* Dept. of Pharmaceutical Technology, A.U. College of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Andhra University, Visakhapatnam, India. *e-mail: [email protected] INTRODUCTION: Millions of people suffer from a wide variety of ocular diseases and certain ocular diseases are quite rare, where as others such as cataracts, age related macular denegeration (AMD) and glaucoma, are very common, especially in the aging population. ... Read More »

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