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Synthesis, Characterization and Biological properties of Schiff Base and Transition Metal Complexes

Haranath Babu.Voguri, A. Venkateswararao1 and M.Ashok2 1Department of Chemistry, Koneru Laxmaiah University, Guntur, Andhra Pradesh, India 2Department of Chemistry, CMR Engineering College, Medchal, Hyderabad, India A B S T R A C T In the present study an intermolecular reductive Schiff base formation from 2-nitro pyridine and 2-hydroxy benzaldehyde carried out in the presence of iron powder and ammonium chloride. ... Read More »

Synthesis, Characterization and Antimicrobial studies of Cr(III), Mn(III), Fe(III), VO(IV), Zr(IV) and UO2(VI) Complexes of 2-hydroxy-5-chloro acetophenone imino thiazole Schiff Base

About author Sandip. R. Kelode* Department of  Engg. Chemistry, Jagadambha College of Engineering and Technology, Yavatmal, India Abstract: The newly synthesized thiazole Schiff base have been prepared by condensing 2-hydroxy-5-chloro acetophenone and 4-(p-hydroxyphenyl)-2-aminothiazole. The coordination metal complexes were obtained as a result of interaction of Schiff base ligand and metal ions Cr (III), Mn(III), Fe (III), VO (IV), Zr (IV) ... Read More »

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