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Synthesis and Microbial evolution of VO(IV), Zr(IV) and UO2(VI) Complexes of Schiff base derived from 2-hydroxy-5-bromo-3-nitroacetophenone hydrazide

ABOUT AUTHOR Sandip R. Kelode* Department of Engg. Chemistry, Jagadambha College of Engineering and Technology, Yavatmal, India *E-mail: [email protected]         Abstract Complexes of VO(IV), Zr(IV) and UO2(VI) with 2-hydroxy-5-bromo-3 nitro acetophenone hydrazone Schiff base derived from 2-hydroxy-5-bromo-3-nitroacetophenone and isonicotinoyl hydrazide have been synthesized and characterized on the basis of molar conductance, magnetic susceptibilities, elemental analysis, infrared, 1H NMR, ... Read More »

Biological Studies of Lanthanide (III) Complexes with Nitrogen-Oxygen donor Schiff base ligands

Author Details Muraleedharan Nair. M.K*, Ajitha. P.S, Rejimon. P.K Postgraduate & Research Department of Chemistry, Maharaja’s College, Ernakulam – 682011, Kerala, India E-mail : [email protected] ABSTRACT Nitrogen–Oxygen  donor ligands, 2,3-dimethyl-4-(iminopyridoxyl)-1-phenyl-3-pyrazoline-5-one (L1), 5-(hydroxymethyl)-4-{(1-Z)-[2-N(2-hydroxylphenyl]ethanimidoyl)-2-methyl}pyridine-3-ol-hydrochloride(L2), 5-(hydroxymethyl)-4-{(1-Z)-[2-N(3-hydroxyl-phenyl]ethanimidoyl)-2-methyl}pyridine-3-ol-hydrochloride (L3) have been synthesized. New lanthanide(III) complexes of the three ligands [La(L1)2(NO3)3] (a), [La(L1)2Cl2]Cl (b), [La(L1)2ClO4](ClO4)2 (c), [La(L2)2(NO3)2]NO3 (d), [La(L2)2Cl3] (e), [La(L2)2(ClO4)](ClO4)2 (f), [La(L3)2(NO3)2]NO3 (g), [La(L3)2)Cl3] (h) and ... Read More »

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