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Gymnema Sylvestre-An Antidiabetic Plant

About author Sunil Singh*, Jyoti Rai, Inamullah, Nisha Choudhary, Surabhi Sharma Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry, Invertis Institute of Pharmacy, Invertis University, Bareilly, Uttar Pradesh, India E-mail: [email protected] Abstract Gymnema Sylvestre  R. Br.  (Asclepiadaceae)  is a herb distributed throughout the world. The leaves of G. sylvestre used in India and parts of Asia as a natural treatment for diabetes or “sweet ... Read More »


About author Patel Chirag J Dept. of Pharmaceutics Maharishi Arvind Institute of Pharmacy, Gujarat, India E-mail: [email protected]  Introduction: Various constituents of an herbal extract may contribute to synergistic effect and process like separation and purification can lead to a partial loss of specific activity due to the removal of chemically related substance contributing to the activity of main substance. Most of ... Read More »

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