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Effect of surfactants on the Acid catalyzed hydrolysis of aliphatic esters having variation in chain length of their alkyl part

Asok K. Jana*1, D. Vijayasarathi1 and Papiya Jana2 1Department of Chemistry, Kanchi Mamunivar Centre for Post Graduate Studies, Pondicherry – 605 008, India. 2Departments of Chemistry, Sri Manakula Vinayagar Engineering College, Pondicherry -605107, India  A B S T R A C T The kinetics of acidic hydrolysis of simple aliphatic esters in aqueous and surfactant media has been studied. Different ... Read More »

Studies on Molecular Interaction of Rose Bengal with Surfactants

S. Sankari Devi and Asok Kumar Jana* Department of Chemistry, Kanchi Mamunivar Centre for Post-Graduate Studies, Pondicherry – 605 008, India. Abstract The spectroscopic investigation on anionic dye, Rose Bengal with three different  types of surfactants such as CTAB(cationic), SLS(anionic)  and Triton X-100(TX-100), Tween-20, 40, 60, 80(nonionic) in aqueous media show that Rose Bengal forms a 1:1 molecular  complex with ... Read More »

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