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Nano Structured Implants

M. Jyoshna*1, Dr. P. Venkatesh2, M. Venkateswarlu3Jagans Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Jangala Kandriga, Nellore A  B  S  T  R A C TThe nanotechnology has been expected to be an extraordinarily promising method for bone repair. The promise of nanobiomaterials used to repair bone using nanomaterials accompanied by rapid development of nanotechnology. Nanostructured implants have been shown to possess positive effects ... Read More »

Controlled Release Drug Delivery System (CRDDS): An advanced format of Novel Drug Delivery

About author : Jony Mallik*, Abdullah Al Faruq Department of Pharmacy, Southern University Bangladesh, Chittagong, Bangladesh *e-mail: [email protected] INTRODUCTION Drug delivery is a very important question regards to pharmaceutical drug dosage form. Depending on the delivery principles, drug- products may be categorized into different groups. In immediate release drug products, the release & delivery achieved just after administration to provide ... Read More »

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