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Effect of Physostigmine (an Organo Phosphate) on Biochemical variations of parotoid gland secretion and its extract of Bufo melanostictus (Schneider)

Raju Neerati, Samatha Talari and Venkaiah Yanamala* Department of Zoology, Kakatiya University, Warangal, India-506009 Abstract The present study was carried out to investigate the biochemical variations of parotoid gland secretion and its extract in common Indian Toad Bufo melanostictus. The parotoid glands were injected with an organophosphate compound, the physostigmine and the quantitative variations were observed in proteins, carbohydrates and ... Read More »

Anti viral, antioxidant, total phenol content and wound healing activity of red algae Kappaphycus alvarezi

About author : P. Jaya Preethi*, K. Sumathi Department of Pharmacy, Nandha College of Pharmacy and Research Institute, Koorapalayam Piruvu, Erode, TamilNadu, India. *E-mail: [email protected] Abstract: Kappaphycus alvarezii (syn. K. cottonii) is a species of  red alga. It is one of the most important commercial sources of  carrageenans,    a family of gel-forming, viscosifying polysaccharides. The present paper deals with ... Read More »

Structure and bonding of carbohydrates, proteins and lipids

Structure and bonding of carbohydrates, proteins and lipids Biochemistry is the application of chemistry to the study of biological processes at the cellular and molecular level. It emerged as a distinct discipline around the beginning of the 20th century when scientists combined chemistry, physiology and biology to investigate the chemistry of living systems. The research and development of biochemical concepts and ... Read More »

Carbohydrates Analysis

Carbohydrates Analysis Dr. Munaf S. Daoud Aldehyde or Ketone derivatives of the higher polyhydric alcohols or compounds which yield these derivatives on hydrolysis. Monosaccharides: Can be classified as trioses, tetroses, pentoses, hexoses and heptoses depending upon the number of carbon atoms, and as aldoses or ketoses, depending upon whether they have an aldehyde or ketone group. Mutarotation: The changes of ... Read More »

Synthesis and Characterization of 2-[1H-benzimidazole-2yl-sulfanyl]-N-[(E)-(3-methylphenyl) methylidene] acetohydrazide

About author Ramesh Dhani Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry JNTUA-OTRI, Anantapur, India E-mail: [email protected] ABSTRACT: Many important biochemical compounds and drugs of natural origin contain heterocyclic ring structures. Among these e.g. Carbohydrates, essential amino acids, vitamins, alkaloids, glycosides etc. the presence of heterocyclic structures in such diverse types of compounds is strongly indicative of the diverse types of the pharmacological activity. ... Read More »

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