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Research Officer – Biology and Biochemistry, University of Bath -Biology & Biochemistry

Research Officer – Biology and Biochemistry, University of Bath -Biology & Biochemistry Salary:   Starting from £30,424, rising to £36,298  Closing Date:   30 May 2013 Interview Date:   To be confirmed  Reference:  VH1634 PDRA 3 (three years) will have a Molecular Biology background (PhD in Microbial Molecular Biology) and will be responsible for construction of terpene biosynthetic pathways in Geobacillus sp. You will work as ... Read More »


What is Biochemistry Each part of every living being is biochemically connected. Biochemistry is at the heart of life science. It is a fascinating, diverse and sprawling discipline; which makes it near impossible to pigeon-hole or define concisely. Many look upon biochemistry as a science that underpins and explains the essential processes of life, impacting on: Biotechnology and bioinformatics, Cell biology ... Read More »

Carbohydrates Analysis

Carbohydrates Analysis Dr. Munaf S. Daoud Aldehyde or Ketone derivatives of the higher polyhydric alcohols or compounds which yield these derivatives on hydrolysis. Monosaccharides: Can be classified as trioses, tetroses, pentoses, hexoses and heptoses depending upon the number of carbon atoms, and as aldoses or ketoses, depending upon whether they have an aldehyde or ketone group. Mutarotation: The changes of ... Read More »

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