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Phytochemical Studies and In-vitro Anti-Oxidant Activity of Cassia Occidentalis Linn. Leaves (Caesalpiniaceae)

E. Vijay Kumar*, Nimma Rishitha1, Pedamalla Amrutha2, Pochamreddy Sai Jyothika3, Raachineni Geetha4, Ramaji Jasmin5 *Associate Professor, Srinivasa Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Proddatur, A.P. 1,2,3,4,5Srinivasa institute of pharmaceutical sciences, Proddatur, A.P. Int. J. Curnt. Tren. Pharm, Res., 2024, 12(1): 29-34 DOI: A B S T R A C T Cassia occidentalis Linn. is an important member of plant family Leguminosae. ... Read More »

Gymnema Sylvestre-An Antidiabetic Plant

About author Sunil Singh*, Jyoti Rai, Inamullah, Nisha Choudhary, Surabhi Sharma Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry, Invertis Institute of Pharmacy, Invertis University, Bareilly, Uttar Pradesh, India E-mail: [email protected] Abstract Gymnema Sylvestre  R. Br.  (Asclepiadaceae)  is a herb distributed throughout the world. The leaves of G. sylvestre used in India and parts of Asia as a natural treatment for diabetes or “sweet ... Read More »

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