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Extraction and Evaluation of Natural Indicator from Almond Exocarp

Pasupuleti Sunitha*, N.V. Bhavya Sri, C.V.S. Raghukiran Teegala Krishna Reddy College of Pharmacy, Meerpet, Hyderabad, Telangana A B S T R A C T In neutralization titrations indicators are used to show sharp color change at intervals of pH. Natural pigments in plants are highly colored substances and may show color changes with changes in pH. The present study highlights ... Read More »

Extraction, Purification and Comparative Analysis of Anthocyanin from Grapes (Vitis labrusca)

ABOUT AUTHOR Ms. Jeba Kezi J and *Dr. V. Judia Harriet Sumathy Postgraduate & Research Department of Biotechnology, Women’s Christian College, Chennai–600006, India Abstract Grapes are small round or oval berries that feature semi-translucent flesh encased by a smooth skin. Some contain edible seeds while others are seedless. Like blueberries, grapes are often covered by a protective, whitish bloom. Grapes ... Read More »

Present Availability Status, Diversity Resources and Distribution of Medicinal Orchid species in Darjeeling Himalaya of West Bengal, India

ABOUT AUTHOR Rajendra Yonzone*, D. Lam, R. B. Bhujel, Samuel Rai Department of Botany, St. Joseph’s College, P.O. North Point, District Darjeeling, W. B., India E-mail: [email protected] INTRODUCTION Orchids are considered to be the most highly evolved among the monocotyledons (Hajra and De, 2011). They exhibit incredible diversity in shape, size, structure, colour and fragrance of flowers (Kalita, 2006) and three different ... Read More »

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