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Comparative chemical transfer Gibbs free energy related to solvation of amino acid, L-Histidine in aqueous mixtures of N, N-Dimethylformamide and Protic Glycerol at 298.15 K

S. Roy1, K. Mahali2 and B. K. Dolui3  1Department of Chemistry, Shibpur Dinobundhoo Institution (college), Howrah-2, W.B, India. 2Department of Chemistry, University of Kalyani, Nadia, W.B, India-741235. 3*Department of Chemistry, Visva-Bharati, Santiniketan, W.B, India-731235. Received: 6 May 2014, Accepted: 9 June 2014, Published Online: 27 July 2014 Abstract In this article we are reporting the solubilities of L-histidine in aqueous ... Read More »

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