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Synthesis and Characterization of 1-Phenyl-3-[4-(2-p-Cl-phenylimino-4-substitutedimino-1, 3, 5-dithiazino) amino phenyl]-prop-2-ene-1-ones

Dipak T. Tayade1*, Sanghapal S. Padhen2 1Dept. of Chemistry, Govt. Vidarbha Institute of Science & Humanities, Amravati-444 604, (MS), India 2Dept. of Chemistry, Rajarshee Shahu Science College, Chandur Rly Dist Amravati-444904, (MS), India. A B S T R A C T Recently in this laboratory series of 1-phenyl-3-[4-(2-p-Cl-phenylimino-4-substituted imino-1,3,5-dithiazino)-amino phenyl]-prop-2-ene-1-ones (VIIIea-ee) had been synthesized by the interaction of  1-phenyl-3-[4-(5-p-Cl-phenyl-2,4-dithiobiureto) phenyl]-Prop-2-ene-1-ones ... Read More »

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