Monday , 20 May 2024

T-bet, Foxp3 and CD8 Regulating Immune Response in Colorectal Cancer

Hassan Ali Al-Saadi*
Department of Clinical Laboratory Sciences, Pharmacy College, Kerbala University, Kerbala, Iraq.

Colorectal cancer (CRC) is the third most common cancer diagnosed, and is associated with high rates of propagation and mortality for both men and women. Aimed to analyze impact of presence of T-bet, Foxp3 and CD8 on colorectal cancer. During the period 1/October/2013 to 1/March/2014, fifty patients with colon cancer (14 female and 36 male) (7-75) years were taken from (Al-Hussain Hospital City/Kerbala, Digestive and Liver Disease /Education Hospital Medical City Baghdad and Teaching Oncology Hospital /Baghdad Medical City/ Baghdad /Iraq).Immunochemical studying of T-bet, Foxp3 and CD8 of colorectal biopsies by using DAKO Company/Denmark. There was a significant increase (p0.001) in the concentration of T-bet, Foxp3 and CD8 respectively in patients male compared with female, also there was a significant variance (p0.001) in the three age groups from (7-20), (21-40) and (41-75) in the levels of T-bet and CD8, whereas a significant difference (p0.05) in the concentration of Foxp3 in the three age groups. This study proved functional role of T-bet,Foxp3 and CD8 in cell-mediated immunity.
Keywords: T-bet, Foxp3, CD8, Colorectal cancer.

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