Saturday , 20 April 2024

Synthesis and Evaluation of Some Substituted New Pyrazoline Derivatives of Biological Interest

Amol S Dighe*
Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry, Pravara Rural College of Pharmacy, Pravaranagar, Loni, Maharashtra, India.

The synthesis, structure and biological activity of Pyrazoline derivatives have long been the focus of research interests in the field of Medicinal Chemistry. A number of Pyrazoline derivatives have been reported to possess interesting biological activities such as Antimicrobial, and Anti-tubercular etc. In the present proposal, substituted Benzaldehyde was made to react with various Aromatic substituted ketones to yield different Chalcones. Chalcones so prepared were further allowed to react with Hydrazine Hydrate in the presence of Ethanol and Glacial acetic acid to get Pyrazoline derivatives, further Mannich reaction was carried out to give Mannich base (A1 – A16) all synthesized compound were characterized by IR, H­1-NMR and CHN Analysis. All the compounds were evaluated for Antibacterial at the concentration of 200 µcg/mL by using cup-plate agar diffusion method. The activity was carried out on different micro-organisms (E.coli, S. aureu,) measured in terms of zone of inhibition and compared the standard drug Ciprofloxacin. The Antitubercular screening was carried out by Middle brook 7H9 agar medium against H37Rv Strain. Middle brook 7H9 agar medium using Streptomycin as a standard. The Pyrazoline have shown considerable activity at high concentrations. These compounds with the suitable molecular modification may prove as a drug of choice in the treatment of microbial infectious disease in future.
Keywords: Pyrazoline, Anti-tubercular and Antimicrobial activity.

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