Thursday , 11 July 2024

Studies on the Reuse and Recycle of Waste Waters for Agricultural Purpose in Coimbatore District, Tamilnadu, India

Ugasini. K* and M. Lekeshmanaswamy 
PG & Research Department of zoology, Kongunadu Arts & Science College, Coimbatore-641029

Water is the elixir of life, a precious life of nature to mankind and millions of other species living on earth. The total water resource available in India is 1850 km3, which is roughly 4% of the world’s fresh water resources. Unfortunately in many countries around the world some drinking water supplies have become contaminated which has imparted on the health and economic status of the pollution. Today the requirement of water to all living organisms from micro-organisms to man is a serious challenge because all water resource are polluted due to unplanned urbanization and industrialization. The major problems affecting standing water bodies have been recognized for atleast two decades but their quantification and classification of environmental managers, researches has recently described the condition of Indian fresh water resources and their management as a prominent environmental problems with nutrition, enrichment, acidification domestic waste, sewage, agricultural and industrial effluents contamination by toxic substances identified as major impacts. The water analysis of physico-chemical and biological parameters is very important for public health studies and also main part of pollution studies in the environment.
Keywords: elixir, pollution, urbanization, industrialization, sewage, toxic substance. 

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