Tuesday , 5 March 2024

Stealth Liposome- A Novel Drug Delivery System

S. Charumathi*, B. Reddy Padmaja, Pavan Kumar .V, R. Charan, Dr. M. Niranjan Babu
Department of Pharmaceutical Analysis, Seven Hills College of Pharmacy, Venkataramapuram, Tirupathi, A.P, India

A liposome is spherical, self closed vesicles of colloidal dimensions, in which phospholipids bilayer sequester part of solvent, in which it freely float, in its interior. Liposome technology has progressed from conventional vesicles (first generation liposomes to second generation liposomes), in which long circulating liposome are obtained by modulating the lipid composition, size, and charge of the vesicle. Liposomes with modified surfaces have also been developed using several molecules such as glycolipids or sailic aid. A significant step in the development of long circulating liposome came with inclusion of synthetic polymer polyethyleneglycolin liposome composition. The presence of PEG on the surface of liposomal carrier has been show to extended blood circulation time while reducing mononuclear phagocyte system uptake (Stealth Liposome). The technology has resulted in a large number of liposome formulation encapsulating active molecules, with high target efficiency and activity. Further by synthetic modification of terminal PEG molecule, Stealth liposome can be actively targeted with monoclonal antibodies or legends. This review focuses on stealth technology and summarize preclinical and clinical data relating to principle liposome formulation, it also discusses emerging trend of this promising technology.
Keywords: liposomes, polyethyleneglycolin, sailic aid, glycolipids

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