Friday , 24 May 2024

Solubility Enhancement of Nifedipine Using Liquisolid Compact Technique

S. Shehanaz Begum*, C. S. Parameswari, B.V. Ramana, G. Nagarajan
Dr.K.V.Subba Reddy Institute of Pharmacy, Kunrool, Andhra Pradesh, India

The objective of the present investigation was to formulate and evaluate conventional tablets of Nefidipine by solubility enhancement liquisolid technique. Liquisolid technique is a new and promising method that can change the dissolution rate of drugs. Nifedipine as a long- and short-acting 1,4-dihydropyridine calcium channel blocker. Twelve formulations of conventional tablets were prepared using liquisolid technique with nonvolatile solvent systems (Tween 80, Propylene glycol and PEG 400) termed as liquid vehicles with different ratio. The evaluation results revealed that all formulations comply with the specification of official pharmacopoeias and/or standard reference with respect to general appearance, content uniformity, hardness, friability and buoyancy.  Out of all the formulation developed, Formulation 12 containing tween 80 shows rapid rate of disintegration when compared with other formulations.
Keywords: Nefidipine, Liquisolid technique, Nonvolatile solvent, Formulation, Tween 80

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