Monday , 17 June 2024

Review on Diagnosis and Treatment of Breast Cancer

K. Harinadha Baba, Vaseem D*, Saritha Chandra
Narayana Pharmacy College, Chinthareddy Palem, Nellore-524003, Andhra Pradesh, India

A  B  S  T  R A C T
Breast cancer is the most common cause of cancer-related deaths in women and occurs most frequently in postmenopausal women over the age of 50. Breast cancer also occurs in men but is very rare, making up around 1% of all breast cancer cases. The most common symptoms of breast cancer are changes in the breasts such as the presence of a lump, changes to the nipple, discharge from the nipple or changes in the skin of the breast.  Initial investigations for breast cancer begin with a physical examination, mammography and ultrasound scan. In some cases, breast magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) will also be performed. If a tumour is found, a biopsy will be taken to assess the cancer before any treatment is planned. The treatment of breast cancer depends on how far advanced the cancer is (Stage 0 IV) and what type of cancer is present.  Surgery, radiotherapy, chemotherapy, endocrine therapy and targeted therapy are used in the treatment of breast cancer. The presence of biomarkers including hormone receptors and a receptor called HER2 also help to determine what type of therapy is given.
Keywords: Breast cancer, Tumour, Women, Nipple, Surgery, Chemotherapy.

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