Wednesday , 22 May 2024

Review on Development and validation of UPLC methods for quantitative determination of Anti Diabetic drugs in Pharmaceutical dosage forms

Kalyani Peluri*, Dr. Rajasekaran.S
1*Research Scholar, Bhagwant University, Sikar road, Ajmer, Rajasthan-305004
2Department of Pharmacology, Malikdeenar College of Pharmacy, Seethangoli, kasaragod, Kerala

 A B S T R A C T
A review on rapid, simple, and sensitive, stability indicating high performance liquid chromatographic method for the simultaneous determination of Drugs used for Anti-diabetic Drugs for different pharmaceutical samples by using different chromatographic column (hypersil C18, Luna (250×4.6mm, 5 µm), Hypersil c8 (4.6x250nm,5 µm), Inertsil (250×4.6×5μ) column, Waters XTerra RP18, 5 µm, 250 mm X 4.6 mm,C18column, (Kromasil ODS, 5m, 250 × 4.6mm), Zorbax Rx-C18 5µ column (150 x4.6mm)), using different mobile phase (acetonitrile : methanol in the ratio 50:50 v/v., Ammonium acetate: Acetonitrile (30:70v/v), buffer and methanol in 15:85 (v/v)). The method is detected by UV detector in limits ranging from 210-375nm.
Keywords: UPLC, Anti-diabetic, Method Development, Validation, Stability Indicating.

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