Tuesday , 5 March 2024

Pulsincap Osmotically Driven Capsule Based On Push-Pull Technology: An Overview

Shaikh Siraj N*, G.J. Khan, Shaikh Mohsin F, Fakir Hina S, Shaoor Ahmad S, Shaikh Salman I.
Department of Pharmaceutics, Ali Allana college of Pharmacy, Akkalkuwa, Dist. Nandurbar (M.S.), India.

Pulsatile systems are offers a more of attraction because as they deliver the drug at the right amount, right site of action and at the right time, and providing target delivery of pharmaceuticals and increasing patient compliance and flexibility. These systems are formulated based on the body circadian rhythm. The basic principle for the use of pulsatile release is for the drugs where a zero-order release or a constant drug release, is not desired. The pulsatile effect on the release of drug as a “pulse”, and isto be designed in such a way that a complete and rapid drug release should follow the lag time. Many marketed products available in form of once-a-daily formulation based on pulsatile release like Push-pull osmotic Pulsincap is one of which include in pulsatile drug delivery which is described here.
Keywords: Pulsincap, Push-pull, Osmotic, Controlled, Lag time

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