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Promising Pharmaceutical Effect of Various Biological and Inorganic Agents as Feed Supplements for Livestock and Poultry with Discussion on Research proven Facts and Establishment of Concept: A Specialized Review

About author
Ganguly Subha*
AICRP On Post Harvest Technology (ICAR), Department of Fish Processing Technology,
Faculty of Fishery Sciences,  West Bengal University of Animal and Fishery Sciences, Kolkata , W.B, India

This review is constructed with the aim of highlighting the pharmaceutical and physiological effect of purified β-glucan from an edible mushroom (Pleuratus florida) as an immunomodulator on the innate immune responses in broiler Also, mushroom glucan as a feed supplement significantly provides protection against disease. This article portrays the potentiality of β-glucan (mushroom origin) as an immunostimulant in poultry. Plant derived and herbal feed additives (often also called phytobiotics or botanicals) are commonly defined as plant-derived compounds incorporated into diets to improve the productivity of livestock through amelioration of feed properties, promotion of the individual production performance, and improving the quality of food derived from those animals, such as herbs (flowering, non woody, and non persistent plants), spices (herbs with an intensive smell or taste commonly added to human food), essential oils (volatile lipophilic compounds derived by cold expression or by steam or alcohol distillation), or oleoresins (extracts derived by non aqueous solvents). Cow urine therapy and all traditional practices from Indian systems of medicine have a strong scientific base. Traditional systems in medicines, whether from Ayurveda or Siddha or the use of cow urine distillate as immunomodulator are based on classical texts and systems, practices and products handed down over generations going back to Charak, Sushrutha, Vagabhatta, the Ashtangahridaya and the Samhitas. Cow urine has been described in ‘Sushrita Samhita’ and ‘Ashtanga Sangraha’ to be the most effective substance/secretion of animal origin with innumerable therapeutic values. In Ayurveda cow urine is suggested for improving general health. The present article highlights and portrays the immunopotential effect of CUD and CUD can be recommended in broiler ration at optimum dose level against NDV.
Key words: Fungus, Chicken, Cow urine distillate, Herbs, Immunomodulator, Yeast 

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