Thursday , 20 June 2024

Preliminary Phytochemical Screening and Antimicrobial Analysis of Mimosa pudica (Linn.)

V. Subha Priya*, K. V. Rajeswari, M. Geetha, M. Flory Shobana,  K. Mohammed Rafiq Khan and S. N. Suresh 
Dept. of Biotechnology, Sree Narayana Guru College, K.G Chavadi, Coimbatore-105, Tamilnadu, India

Medicinal properties of plants are the most precious gift of Mother Nature to mankind. India has several traditional medicinal systems, such as Ayurveda and Unani, which has survived through more than 3000 years mainly using plant based drugs. The primary benefits of using plant derived medicines are that they are relatively safer than synthetic alternatives, offering profound therapeutic benefits and affordable treatment. The Mimosa pudica invites attention of the researchers worldwide for its pharmacological activity such as anti diabetic, antitoxin, antihepatotoxin, antioxidant and wound healing activity. According to different researches done, Mimosa Pudica is used to relax the mind and relieve depression, mental distress, irritability, severe palpitations and amnesia. It is a mood enhancer and improves circulation of blood. The present investigation was carried out to identify the phytochemicals present in Mimosa pudica and to study the antimicrobial activity shown by various extracts of the plant. Phytochemical screening of various extracts of Mimosa pudica showed the presence of secondary metabolites such as alkaloids, tannins, saponins, flavonoids etc. The methanolic and ethanolic extracts showed better antimicrobial activity.
Keywords: Phytochemicals, Mimosa pudica, Secondary metabolites
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